Peterson High Pirates
Peterson High Pirates

I'd like to thank Carol Greener for all her hard work over the years to keep our alumni connected. She ran this webpage, the facebook page, and coordinated all the Mega reunions. Carol has now moved out of state and is seeking a simpler life. 

                                    I've agreed to help keep this webpage and the facebook page up. I won't be as active as Carol was, but I will do the best I can. Please let me know of updates to classmates and I will make the needed changes here. Best wishes and be safe during this SIP.

Mark Gay
Class of 1981


Tom Bruce (Class of '70)  Won 2 medals in the 1972 Olympics swimming events; An individual Silver Medal for the Men's 100M breaststroke with a time of 1:05:43, and a Gold Medal in the 4 x 100M Men's relay race with teammate Mark Spitz. Their time was a world record 3:48:16. 

Amy Tan (Class of '70)  Author of "The Joy Luck Club", which was a worldwide bestseller, won numerous awards, and made into a motion picture. More recently she published "Saving Fish from Drowning" and "The Opposite of Fate".

Anna Chavez (Class of '72)  Bay Area ABC Channel 7 News Anchorwoman for years

Eric Fanucchi (Class of '73)  Published fashion photographer for leading agencies and magazines, specializing in fashion portraits of celebrities, models, and actors/actresses.

Bill Pecota (Class of '77 or '78)  Played Major League Baseball from 1986-94 for the Kansas City Royals, New York Mets and Atlanta Braves. He played in the NLCS while with the Braves and is listed as #66 of the greatest 100 Royals of all time. 

Tony Anselmo (Class of '78)  The voice of Donald Duck and an artist for Disney

Chuck Wright (Class of '79)  Was a WWE Professional Wrestler under the pseudonyms "The Godfather", "Papa Shango" and "KAMA". Elected into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016!

Ben Bennett (Class of '80)  Professional football player. Had a successful college career at Duke University, setting many NCAA passing records. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the 1984 NFL Draft. He bounced around the NFL with the Falcons, Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals and Chicago Bears before retiring from the league in 1988. He also played in the Arena Football League from 1988-96 and coached from 1998-2012. He was inducted into the Arena Football Hall of Fame as a player in 2000.

Brian Boitano (Class of '81)  Professional Ice Skater. Won the Gold Medal for Men's figure skating in the 1988 Winter Olympics, and also won many World Championships.

Bill Hare (Class of '82)  Professional Sound Mixing Engineer. Has mixed and recorded many gold and platinum albums from a broad range of artists. He has won two grammies for his mixing/mastering work. Has been a huge part of the rise of acapella music. Primarily handles most of the mixing/mastering for the Grammy award-winning group Pentatonix. Was the 'prize' for the TV show 'The Sing Off'.

JuJu Chang (Class of '83)  Host on Good Morning America



Steve Betz (deceased) '68   Janice Franciscus 69

Doug Mitchell  '68   Janet Whitehead '68

Lance Anderson '69   Marilyn Davis '68

David Baker '69   Robin Fairchild '68

Michael Blanco '69   Debbie Meredith '70

Dennis Cuva '69   Sharon Poppin '70 (20yrs married, now divorced)

Rod Gundy '69   Karen Gill '71

Ruben Valenzuela '69   Maria Soria '70

Glen Adams '70   Cindy DeLong '71

Richard Fineo '70   Linda Ortiz '70

Gary Hansen '70   Marlene Childress '70

Raymond Joyner '70   Shirley Morgan '71

Mike Karas '70   Deborah Haines '73

Scott Mitchell '70   Shunda O'Neil '71

Donnie O'Neal '70   Janet Strahin '71

Richard Reyes '70   Christina Avila '72

Matt Senander '70   Shelly Rathbone '72

Ken Bloom '71   Virginia Huesby '72

Marty Burgos '71   Jenny Atondo '69

Dennis Lowe '71   Graziella Garagozzo '74

Tim Miller '71   Debbie Andrade '71

Ron Sabo '71   Debbie Norris '71

Roger Dunn '72   Deborah Hill '75

Steve Hagen '72   Lori Nelson '72

Victor Martinez '72   Antoinette (Toni) Gallegos '74

Dan Pereira '72   Debra Banta '72

John Siudzinski '72   Linda Register '73

John (KC) Sullivan '72   Sandy Crose '76

Adrain Allworth '73   Susan Gransee '77

Tim Brennan '73   Rebecca Aoyagi '72

David Espinoza ' 73   Carol Grant '75

Randy Griffith '73   Brenda Dickson '77

Michael Hoyle '73   Lori Adamson '76

Richard Jungling '73   Kim Hawkins '76

Rob Lavery '73   Lynda Cruzen '78

Dave Maze '73   Laurie Anderson '74

Mark O'Connell '73   Leslie Urquhart '75

David Siudzinski '73   Linda Ledo '73

Cliff Wells '73   Nancy Nash 73

Rainer Zaechelein '73   Gloria Frechette '74

John Allender '74   Lynda Martin '77

Alan Brownstein '74   Meredy Rawson '74

Kendall Giles '74   Renee Chu '74

Monty Moscato '74   Cindy Cirinelli '72

Neal Murray '74   Judy Eschman '73

Mark Normington '74   Valerie Smith '74

Steve Andrews '75   Marge Gibbs '76

Larry Dean Clark '75   Marlie Forster 77

Steve Ellis '75   Ellen Bernstein '77

Jason Jarvis '75   Marilyn Wells '73

Sam Lewers '75   Melissa Heubschen '76

Pat Minderler '75   Kim Anderson '77

Dan Opalach '75   Kerri Conforti '76

Mark Ahrens '76   Wendy Marshall '77

William Davis '76   Camille Gordon '76

Scott Hansen '76   Normi Sordini '75

Paul Masamori '76   Deborah Zuvela '76

John O'Hare '76   Sharon Kern '76

Michael Russo '76   Pascale Bossaert '77

Keith Teare '76   Lorraine Endow '77

Tim Thompson '76   Dawn Anderson '75

Thomas Young '76   Kim Dibble '75

Robert Duran '77   Lisa Forrest '79

Mark Ginanni '77   Cindy Raffarin '78

Robert Pereyda '77   Nancy Clements '78

Mark Smith '77   Helen Gauthier '79

Ron Young '77   Linda Pulliam '79

Jeff Conforti '78   Sandra Moore '78

Dennis Dickson '78   Jan Pinard '78

Stanley Fickes '78   Laura Honeycutt '81

Robert Pfeil '78   Helve Vahtra '81

Andrew Prax '78   Kimberly Prescott '80


Ward Cargay '79   Elizabeth Spence '79

Ralph Rodrigues '79   Kathryn Lytle '80

Sani Sasmita '79   Kathleen Krueger '79

Jeff Sicklesteel '79   Jeanetta Franks '81

William Cook '80   Carol Smith '81

Michael Marquez '80   Yonni Chang '81

Ray Monahan '80   Cheryl Gibbons '80 

Ernie Young '80   Jill Cargay '80

John Dawson '81   Sheri Enault '83

Daniel Dejesus '81   Valerie Alfinito '81

John Hively '82   Susan Sabel '82

Jim Linder '82   Anita Barbehenn '82