Classmates supporting Classmates 
Some money goes to the reunion fund
each time you buy a product from another classmate.
This is just one way you can donate to the reunion fund. 

(See other ways to donate or how to list your business below.)

See you at the Next BIG Reunion - Carol

Bob’s Tax Services
Professionally Prepared Tax Returns at Reasonable Rates

..Personal Tax Returns (Federal and all States)
..Business Tax Returns (Partnership, LLC’s, S-Corp
..Business Payroll and Quarterly 941 Reports
..Bookkeeping Services Year-Round
..More than 20 years tax preparation experience

.....10% Rebate to Peterson High 2011 Reunion.....
..Rates start as low as $50.00 for combined Federal and State Tax returns. This includes electronic filing.
..1040-EZ for your dependents included at no additional charge.
..Direct Deposit of refunds
..Direct Debit if you owe. File now and pay later.
..Can’t pay your taxes? The IRS offers installment plans. Ask about this.
..Simple Privacy Policy-We don’t share your personal data!!

Robert Dibbell Class of '70


Send Donations to:
Carol Greener
email me for mailing address
or use paypal email carol at


Donations will continue to help in the cost of searching for the missing classmates.
It will also go for the future costs of the web site and domain name fees.  

You can also shop and portions of that money goes to the reunion fund.
See businesses below to shop from.

Thank you all for those that have donated so far.


Armando Bravo Class of 72 gift store:
Check it out.
Bravo Gifts & Collectibles is proud to offer licensed merchandise at reasonable prices.  
We are your local alternative for all Bay Area Sports Teams
merchandise including purses, totes, wallets, accessories,
memorabilla, and more.
All products are smartly designed and made of high quality
materials and beautiful color schemes. 

Visit our web store at

Contact us at bravo gifts:
 email me 
(Discounts and flat rate shipping apply through Novemeber 30,2014)
If you order something
so 10% of the purchase will go towards next Mega Reunion.

Pure Safe and Beneficial Products 

        for the entire family
        30% of retail sales to
  Peterson High 2011 Reunion
 Order from my website:
   Simply select Shop Online
      Obtain a Client ID
Call or email for information or samples
 Diane Branson (Laulainen)
        Indpendent Consultant
             ID 10404304
          p. 866-548-4523 
       SPA PULLOVER          
             Alternatives     patent pending 
* Top quality and durability
* Prevents your Hot Tub Cover from fading
*Made with easy to clean rip stop nylon
*One size fits most-lightweight
*Adjustable tension control
* Available in blue, gray, green and burgundy
*embroidering of business logo available
Available in square, round and rectangle*
Sizes are limited
Contact us: 

$10 per purchase goes to Peterson High Reunion Fund

Paul Goddard Class of '75


Do you have a printing business and sell business cards, are you an author or artist, 
do you have a clothing line or other products our classmates can purchase?

Here is a chance for classmates to purchase products from other classmates and 
some money goes to the reunion fund also.  

Contact me to sell your products and donate some of the proceeds to the reunion fund. 
There are a couple requirements to post your products. 
1.You must be the owner of the business for the products you are selling. 
2. You must state details of the product, costs and how much will go to the reunion fund in percentage or actual dollar amount. 
3. No products containing obscene or imposing religious/political beliefs.
How you can help out. 

There are phone calls and letters I mail to find missing classmates. 
I am always searching not just during the reunion year. 
Many expenses are involved to have a great reunion like the Mega Reunion 2001. 

Donate money (pays for many expenses-hall rental, insurance, web site, 
domain name, etc.) Donate your services or items we need: 

Sound system (possibly have), insurance(own a insurance company, 
get us a good rate), decorations (Professional?), flyers, postage stamps, 
name badges, one use cameras, film processing, maybe someone would 
like to do a video and other things.Help search for the missing. 
Help on reunion weekend, setup, registration, clean up. 

Also each time you purchase products from another classmate you are 
donating to the reunion fund. Be sure to let me know when you make a 
purchase so I can list you below and collect the funds from the product purchase.

Let me know what you would like to donate if it is not money, to be sure it 
hasn't already been covered.To send donations please email me for my 
address on the "Contact Us" page as I do not want my mailing address 
on the web site.

Thank you again to all of you that give so much to make our reunions happen.