Last Mega Reunion September 2018.

Reunions are very expensive to put on. With the additional halls for this reunion the rental fees are very high causing tickets prices to go up. With donations we can drop the ticket price down. 

You can pay below or send donations to Carol Greener, email me for address to send a check or for the email address to use with Paypal.

As of now the price per ticket is about $110 per person. If all the following is supplied then the price will be about $75 to $85 per person depending on food cost in Sept 2018.

Money needed for the following:

Event Insurance approx $400

Hall rental fees approx $12,000 we are getting 5 halls for the cocktail event and one large hall for the dinner event. 

Bartender fees and food carver fees about $4000

Wine for each table

Decorations: if balloons only about $600 with helium tanks we do it,  or $1000 if hire someone. If want flowers then need about $4000 to $6000 depending what we use. 

name tags materials

Envelopes, paper, printer ink, postage for registratoin letters to those with no email. 

Misc small expenses such as subscription to and other out of pocket expenses.

Thank you everyone that chips in to make the tickets more affordable.


Total Collected$ 532

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Goal: $ 25,000
Total Collected:
$ 532